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Line 6 FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch

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ฟุตสวิซต์ Line 6 FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch

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รหัสสินค้า : 102
ยี่ห้อ : Line 6
รุ่น : FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch
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Line 6 FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch 

Line 6's FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch offers all the classic advantages you expect from a Line 6 foot controller, including rock-solid channel switches, a rugged wah/volume pedal and a chromatic tuner display but it's also full of surprises. The steel footswitches are built for constant stomping. They make it easy to store and select four channel presets, to synchronize time-based effects with Tap Tempo, and to activate the chromatic tuner. The burly, full-sized volume/wah pedal feels solid under your foot and features plenty of grip. Clicking the toe switch toggles between volume and wah control.

FBV Express MKII footswitch connects to your Line 6 amp or POD effect processor via the included locking RJ-45 cable. Perfectly paired with Spider IV and Spider Valve MKII guitar amplifiers, the FBV footswitch provides complete, handsfree control of the looper, pitch-shifter and other on-board amplifier effects.

Hands-free channel switching and more for your Line 6 amp and POD
Footswitches and chassis are constructed of reliable steel
4 channel switches: A, B, C and D
Chromatic tuner display
Volume/wah pedal is burly, full-sized and features plenty of grip
Bright LEDs show active channel, tap tempo and volume or wah
Self-powered via included locking RJ-45 cable
USB jack, RJ-45 jack


Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII Guitar Footswitch
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