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AKG Groove Pack 6 Drum Microphone Package with Case

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 17/01/2015
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ไมค์กลองชุด AKG Groove Pack 6 Drum Microphone Package with Case

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ยี่ห้อ : AKG
รุ่น : Groove Pack 6 Drum Microphone Package with Case
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The AKG Groove Pack is the perfect drum mic package for any live or studio setup, giving extremely high quality sound and built tough for the road.

For the hard use on stage, all Perception live microphones feature an indestructible metal casing, a rugged spring steel microphone grill, an appealing and scratch-resistant finish, high maximum SPL and powerful sound for any application. All microphones feature gold plated XLR pins and include a practical carrying case.

AKG's Groove Pack is a start-up kit for drummers. It contains 6 microphones from the Perception live series: 1 x P 2 bass microphone, 2 x P 17 for overheads, and 3 x P 4 for toms and snare. This complete set comes in a protective aluminium carrying case with all mounting clamps and stand adapters.




P2 Bass Drum Mic
-- Dynamic microphone designed for low-pitched instruments
-- Powerful sound with enough bass range

P4 Tom/Snare Mic
-- Handle highest sound pressure levels
-- Integrated stand adapter and (P 4) external bracket
-- Response tailored for neutral reproduction of instrument sounds
-- Rugged all-metal body withstands typical tough stage use
-- Hum compensation coil rejects EMC noises

P17 Overhead Mic
-- Condenser overhead microphone
-- Switchable 20 dB attenuation pad
-- True condenser cardioid capsule
-- all metal construction
-- 1/2-inch small-diaphragm instrumental microphone

AKG Groove Pack Includes
- 1 x P 2 bass microphone
- 3 x P 4 drum microphone and 3 x H440 mounting clamp
- 2 x P 17* overhead microphone and 2 x SA60 stand adapter
- (*P 17 is technically identical to P 170 and not available as a single unit.)



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