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Soundking SKD310

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 05/05/2020
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 15/11/2020
 เบอร์โทรติดต่อ: 084-100-1007, 0813425751 ,080-603-8998, 02804-8800


กลองไฟฟ้า Soundking ซีรีส์ SKD รุ่น SKD310

22,500.00 บาท



SKD310 is an electric drum to suit for drummer playing and stage show. This drum features vivid voice and standard 5 drum 4 cymbal configuration and high performance. The ride supports ride bell, ride pad and ride rim operation. The hi-hat control is a simulate hi-hat which consists of pedal and hi-hat cymbal to offer vivid cymbal effect. The coach function is designed for beginner playing step by step.






Kit Components


5 drum 3 cymbal

10” SNARE(X1): Dual-zone, head and rim shot simultaneously

8” TOM(X3): Dual-zone

12” CRASH(X1): Dual-zone with rim choke

14” RIDE(X1): Three-zone with rim choke

12” HI-HAT(X1): Cymbal 12” Simulate Cymbal

8”BASS(X1): Single-zone, support dual hammer

HI-HAT PEDAL(X1); Different status and strength of pedals decide pas voice and volume



▪ Standard 2.8”TFT LCD + 3.8” segment LED

▪ 500 high quality percussion voices + 128 GM instruments

▪ 36 preset drum kits + 36 user defined drums kits

▪ 20 demo songs

▪ Coach function

  1. Rhythm 10 exercises with different levels
  2. Beat 10 exercises with different levels
  3. Pattern 10 exercises with different levels

▪ Data transmit: Drum setting & record data can be transmitted into/from U disk via USB MEMORY jack.

▪ Effect:

  1. Reverb: 8 types
  2. Chorus: 3 types

▪ Connection: MIDI in/out USB MIDI/AUX IN Jack/line output/phone

▪ adjustable sensitivitycrosstalkthrshldmask timeretrig cancel

▪ DC IN:12V/1A inside+,outside -


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