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Cherub G-TONE No.GT-5 Acoustic Pickup

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 23/01/2021
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ปิ๊กอัพกีตาร์โปร่ง Cherub G-TONE No.GT-5 Acoustic Pickup

1,500.00 บาท


Acoustic Guitar Preamp GT-5 3-Band EQ with Tuner and Reverb andChorus Effects.
Tone and volume control.
GT-5 is a 3 Band EQ with built-in Chromatic tuner and Phase,Reverb, Chrous Effects. 
Rotate Low/Middle/High button to adjust low/medium/high frequency.Rotate VOL. button to adjust master volume. Rotate REVERB/CHORUSbutton to adjust its corresponding reverb/chorus effect.
The compact size makes it easy to install into a guitar and thevisible portion of GT-5 is only 52mm * 54mm * 4mm. 
It has automatic battery detection, low battery message will bedisplayed when the battery is getting low.
Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery. (Battery is notincluded)
Features: 3 Band EQ/ Chromatic tuner/Phase/Reverb & Chrouseffects
Input Impedance: 10MΩ
Frequency Response: 20Hz—20KHz
Control Range: Low: +/-12dB at 100Hz        Middle: +/-12dB at 800Hz         High: +/-12dBat 3KHz
Low Battery Check: LED
Battery Life: over 20hours       
Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery (notincluded)
Pick-up: Piezo ceramic pick-up
Output Jack: 6.35mm
Dimension: 5.2 * 5.4cm / 2.05 * 2.13in (W * L)
Item Weight: 108g / 3.81oz
Package Size: 15.2 * 8.2 * 4.3cm / 5.99 * 3.23 * 1.69in (L * W *H)
Package Weight: 231g / 8.15oz


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