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Floor Tom TAMA Star Maple Drums ขนาด 16x16 นิว

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 08/02/2021
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กลองฟลอรท์อม Floor Tom TAMA Star Maple Drums ขนาด 16x16 นิว

65,000.00 บาท


Eye-catching Floor Tom with Powerful Sound

When your drumstick meets this TAMA Starclassic Maple floor tom, you'll experience incredible warmth, maximum resonance, and unbelievable midrange punch. Enjoy the crisp attack and enhanced clarity supplied by this floor tom's premium die-cast zinc hoops. Rubber-rimmed claw hooks ensure consistent pressure and rattle-free operation. Air Pocket rubber feet preserve sustain by eliminating the transfer of vibrations to the floor. Hold Tight steel washers with soft rubber rings keep vibrations from loosening your tuning. The TAMA Starclassic Maple floor tom employs Evans Genera drumheads for durability and solid sound.

6-ply maple shell delivers warmth, resonance, and punch

The TAMA Starclassic Maple floor tom's shell is built from six plies of super-thin maple. When it comes to drum shell design, Sweetwater drummers know that thinner is better, because it ensures optimum vibrational transfer. Thinner doesn't mean weaker, however. Each ply has been cross-laminated into a highly durable 6-ply, 5mm-thick shell that's considerably stronger than thicker shells of lesser quality. And because this floor tom features all-maple construction, you can expect a warm, clear sound with loads of punch and resonance.


Premium die-cast zinc hoops provide consistent tuning and superior tone

Did you know that the hoops on your drum affect far more than your tuning stability? That's why TAMA created premium die-cast zinc hoops for their Starclassic Maple floor tom. Manufactured via a high-density injection molding process, rather than a conventionally stamped triple-flanged hoop method, these extremely consistent hoops provide uniform bolt contact and give your Starclassic Maple floor tom crisper attack with added high-end resonance.


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