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TAMA Superstar Custom Hyperdrive Duo Kit - ML62HZBN2 พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง SM5W

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 15/06/2021
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กลองชุด 6 ใบ TAMA Superstar Custom Hyperdrive Duo Kit - ML62HZBN2 พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง SM5W

84,000.00 บาท

กลองชุด 6 ใบ TAMA Superstar Custom Hyperdrive Duo Kit - ML62HZBN2 พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง SM5W


Specifications & Config

ML62HZBN2 : Superstar Hyper-Drive Duo (painting process)

Please note: the drum kit does not include hanging hardware

MLB22DZBN : 16″x22″ bass drum x 1
MLT10HBN : 6.5″x10″ Tom x 1
MLT12HBN : 7″x12″ Tom x 1
MLF16ALBN : 14″x16″ Floor Tom x 1
MLS55BN : 5.5″x14″ snare drum x 1
MLS1410LBN : 10″x14″Duo snare drum x 1
MC69 : Single Tom Accessories x 2



Full maple drum
Tom, floor tom, snare drum: 6 layers, 5mm floor drum: 8 layers, 7mm

When we produce the Superstar series drum sets, we put the tone of the drums first. We choose high-quality maple wood materials, carefully polished the perfect drum cavity corners, so that the drum produces a full and powerful sound and a perfect resonance effect.


The claw rubber pad prevents damage to the wooden floor hoop. Help to maintain the pitch of the long performance. The new rubber pad also protects the zinc die-cast claw hooks and tension screws when the floor drum is placed on the ground.


Quickly set the ramp
All Superstar drum kits in the catalog are equipped with an upgraded Roadpro cymbal stand and a “quick setting” with no bite structure. The inclined bar is firmly locked in the position you need by the friction of 6 metal plates, replacing the traditional gear. The occlusal structure, so you can set to any desired angle. This device is also more durable than the gear structure.


Die-cast drum ring (black nickel plating)
No other drum offers professional features at a low price like Superstar. First of all, it is equipped with the same zinc die-cast drum hoop as Starclassic, which not only makes tuning easier and more consistent, but also has a crisp sound head, clear high frequency, and more powerful Side-click sound.


Star-Cast suspension system
All Superstar hanging toms are equipped with a Star-cast suspension system similar to the Starclassic series. This unique device isolates all the toms from each other, allowing the drum cavity to resonate freely, and adjusting and replacing the drum head. There are no negative effects.


Hyper-Drive Hanging Tom
Hyper-Drive is the new standard for tom depth. Its shallowness creates a more powerful sound head, impactful sound and fast response. In addition, the tom can be placed lower and more flexible than before. Placement.


Duo snare drum
The uniqueness of the Duo snare drum is not only reflected in the unusual 10″ depth, but also because it is equipped with floor tom legs and feet, which can be easily lowered and placed in the traditional floor tom position. In this way, It can be used as a low/deep-cavity snare drum with sand belt, and it can be used as a 14″ floor tom without sand belt. This feature has given birth to many original drum kits.


Power Craft II drum head
All Superstar “Power CraftII” drum heads are almost ready to use! The percussion drum skin has rich sound and better durability. The muffler ring of the bass drum skin eliminates the need for additional internal muffler of the bass drum.



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