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TAMA Silverstar limited - VT52KS-ASH พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง HR5W / HB5W

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 26/06/2021
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กลองชุด TAMA Silverstar limited - VT52KS-ASH พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง HR5W / HB5W

50,000.00 บาท

TAMA Silverstar limited - VT52KS-ASH พร้อมชุดขาตั้ง HR5W / HB5W



All birch shells (Silverstar)

(TT/FT/SD) 6ply, 6mm / (BD) 7ply, 8mm,Shell Pack with Tamo Ash-wrapped Birch shell.
Carefully selected birch materials are utilized for the shells in the Silverstar series. By using the same molding methods used for our high-end drums, a powerful sound, rich tone, and warm resonance usually only found with high-end drums are achieved.

Star-Mount System

The Star-Mount System was developed to increase the resonance of drums. This new mounting system provides support at four points on the batter side hoop of a drum.
The bracket eye-bolts slide to the left and right, so it's possible to prevent the eye-bolts from touching each other even when setting up two toms close to each other.

Claw Hook

These claw hooks stabilize the wood hoops on bass drums and feature built-in rubber lining which helps protect the wood and maintain tuning even during long performances. Also, the new rubber spacers help protect the die-cast zinc claw hooks and tension bolts from damage when the bass drum is placed on the ground.


- Drums:
18"x22"   bass drum
8"x10"     tom tom
9"x12"     tom tom
14"x16"  floor tom
5"x14"    snare drum.

- Hardware:
MC69 Single Tom Attachments = 2
Hi-hat stand HH 205
Drum pedal HP200P
Snare stand HS60W
Boom cymbal stand HC63BW *2

* ราคาข้างต้นไม่รวมฉาบ และ เครื่องทองเหลือง



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