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TAMA กระเดื่องเดี่ยวกลองชุด Standard Single Pedal HP30

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 10/08/2021
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กระเดื่องเดี่ยวกลองชุด TAMA Standard Single Pedal HP30

2,600.00 บาท

TAMA กระเดื่องเดี่ยวกลองชุด Standard Single Pedal HP30


      The HP30 utilizes the same offset cam design as the Iron Cobra Power Glide. The offset cam offers increased power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke. The beater angle can easily be adjusted: a feature usually found only on more expensive pedals. The DS30 beater offers two different sounds: rotating the beater head, you can choose between felt for a softer controlled sound, or plastic for a louder and punchier sound with more attack



Beater Angle Adjustment

You won't find adjustable beater/footboard angles on most pedals in this price range. But our HP30 comes standard with an angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle.

Power Glide (HP30)

The HP30 single chain pedals utilize the same offset cam shape as TAMA's best selling Iron Cobra Power Glide.




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