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TAMA - HP900PA, Iron Cobra 20th Anniversary bass drum pedal

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 16/08/2021
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กระเดื่อง TAMA - HP900PA, Iron Cobra 20th Anniversary bass drum pedal พร้อมกล่อง และ เสื้อ T-Shirt

8,000.00 บาท

กระเดื่อง TAMA - HP900PA, Iron Cobra 20th Anniversary bass drum pedal  พร้อมกล่อง และ เสื้อ T-Shirt


Suitable for all situations and styles of music, the Iron Cobra drum pedals were created based on three fundamental principles: softness, stability and adjustability. A gentle action eliminates the stress of the player and facilitates the acceleration; stability ensures consistent and reliable pedal performance and durability; and the possibility of tuning allows the drummer to adjust the pedal's many functions according to its characteristics and playing preferences. The Iron Cobra has continued to evolve according to these guiding principles over the last 20 years and remains the one of the most famous and most popular bass drum pedals today.




- Simple bass drum pedal

- Double chain transmission

- Ultimate Lite Sprocket Lite Cam Design

- Stabilizer plate (base)

- Power-Stroke Cobra Beater Bat




- Adjustable bat angle

- Hinge Guard Block hinge protection

- Cobra Coil

- Adjustment of the spring "Speedo-Ring"

- Oiles Bearing Hinge Ball Bearings

- "Para Clamp II" jaw support and protection

- Quick disassembly with the "Quick Hook" system

- weight : 5kg.



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