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TAMA HT15W Drum Throne

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 28/08/2021
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เก้าอี้กลอง TAMA HT15W Drum Throne

2,400.00 บาท

เก้าอี้กลอง TAMA HT15W Drum Throne


       What's the most important part of your kit? Your hi-hat? Your bass drum pedal? Your rack toms? No, the most important part of your kit is YOU. Your comfort and ability to move your body are of first importance to your stamina, flexibility and ultimately your creativity. Maybe your throne should actually be the first thing you consider when purchasing your new kit. That's why you need one of Tama's huge assortment of 1st Chair thrones. These are seats designed for the first chair level of players who insist on the best so they can play their best.

The Tama HT15W Throne is double-braced for strength, and ruggedly-built for stability. This adjustable-height throne is also affordable, making it a great choice for younger players.



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