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TAMA Club Jam DSS36LJ Drum Bag Set

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 31/08/2021
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กระเป๋ากลอง TAMA Club Jam DSS36LJ Drum Bag Set

3,100.00 บาท

กระเป๋ากลอง TAMA Club Jam DSS36LJ Drum Bag Set


     The "TAMA Club-JAM" kit takes some ideas from the vintage kits, such as a cymbal holder mounted directly on the bass drum shell (bass drum) and curved bass drum spurs, and further distinguishes itself from the typical compact kit.
     The focused yet deep sound of the poplar shell is just right for small and intimate performances. The compact size and configuration of the "TAMA CLUB-Jam" makes it ideal for all working drummers, and it fits comfortably on almost any stage.


  • drum bag set
  • Product code: DSS36LJ
  • Measurements BD (set only): 16" x 15" (40,64 x 38,1 cm)
  • T1 measurements (set only): 10" x 7" (25,40 x 17,78 cm)
  • Dimensions BT (set only): 12" x 6" (30,48 x 15,24 cm)
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour / Finish: Red / Black
  • Handles: yes
  • Special Features: Drumbag Set for Club Jam Suitcase Drum Kit LJK36S-ISP



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